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The Latest from Representative Murphy

Rep. Amanda Murphy Files Bipartisan Legislation to Repeal Duke Utility Tax

December 8, 2014Press Release

TALLAHASSEE – State Rep. Amanda Murphy (D-New Port Richey) and State Rep. Chris Latvala (R-Clearwater) filed bi-partisan legislation on Monday to repeal and refund the Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery Fee.

“Floridians are tired of being taxed for projects that will never come to fruition,” Rep. Murphy said. “Duke Energy alone has charged its customers over 3 billion dollars for projects that will never provide any energy for Floridians. This practice of billing taxpayers without providing results is unacceptable and needs to be prevented from occurring in the future.”

“Not only has Duke Energy charged customers for projects that have ceased to exist, but they have neglected to refund any of the collected fees to the taxpayers for these unsuccessful projects,” Rep. Latvala stated. “It is critical that not only is the fee fully repealed, but any money that has been taken from the citizens of the State of Florida is fully refunded to the taxpayers who funded these unsuccessful projects by the utility company.”

The bill would set an expiration date of July 1, 2015 for the statutes that currently allow the Advance Nuclear Cost Recovery Fee to be billed and would set a deadline of June 30, 2016 for collected fees to be returned to ratepayers. The bill has been filed, but has not yet received a bill number.

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U.S. 19 project frustrates business owners

October 23, 2014News ClipRep. Murphy speaks out against slow US-19 construction pace

Businesses along the U.S. 19 corridor in Pasco County do $5.6 billion in annual sales. That's billion with a B.

Now, ask some of those U.S. 19 business owners what is the most successful enterprise along the highway and don't be surprised if they suggest an unlikely answer:It's a dollar figure county planners use to emphasize the importance of the western edge of Pasco as an economic engine and why the area is worthy of substantial redevelopment.

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Lighthouse again stages blindfold challenge

October 21, 2014News ClipRep. Murphy participates in Lighthouse Blindfold Challenge

NEW PORT RICHEY — People often say they must see something to believe it.

But for people taking the blindfold challenge during White Cane Awareness Day, they had to hear it to believe it.

The disorienting experience is an eye-opener, so to speak, many participants agreed. Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind puts on the annual event.

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Murphy, Gregg vie for District 36

October 17, 2014News Clip

PORT RICHEY — Anyone who paid attention to last year’s state House District 36 special election might have expected a repeat of Pasco’s most expensive — and perhaps nastiest — campaign.

But the race between Democrat Amanda Murphy and Republican challenger Chris Gregg has been quite the opposite. No mudslinging. No name calling. No attack ads.

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Tribune Endorses Murphy for State House

October 15, 2014News Clip

[Amanda] already has demonstrated her effectiveness working with Republicans in securing money to address poor drainage in a Pasco neighborhood and in passing legislation that allows several homes and lots in Lake Jovita to de-annex from the town of St. Leo.

She is fighting to help victims of human trafficking and penalize their abusers, and she is a vocal leader in the push to repeal the nuclear cost recovery fee that has allowed Duke Energy to take advantage of customers. Murphy also sponsored sensible legislation to expand Medicaid, a move that House Republicans rejected.

Murphy, who has lived in Pasco for nearly 12 years and more than 30 years in the region, supports restoring Florida’s natural springs, as well as Amendment 1, an unprecedented measure that would protect Florida’s environment and drinking water sources. If re-elected, she would tackle Florida’s residential eviction laws that squatters have taken unfair advantage of.

In just a year, Murphy, who is smart, pleasant and approachable, has shown she is a highly capable state representative. She clearly deserves a full term. For state House District 36, the Tampa Tribune recommends Amanda Murphy.

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