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New amenities seek to boost appeal for Werner-Boyce park

May 18, 2016News Clip

PORT RICHEY — Years of delay in building new amenities at Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park are coming to an end.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is getting ready to ramp up a $1.7 million construction project that includes building more parking, roads, bathrooms and a boardwalk. Completion is slated for this fall. Several dozen people came to the park last week for a ground-breaking ceremony during which state and county officials, as well as volunteers, stressed the importance of the park and the need to spruce it up.

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Legislation would require hospitals to use biometrics to verify Medicaid patients

February 6, 2016News ClipHospital group raises questions

TALLAHASSEE — Language in a bill intended to prevent Medicaid fraud has raised red flags among hospital officials and Democrats concerned about patient privacy and cost.

Rep. Dane Eagle is the sponsor of House Bill 1299, a measure intended to reduce public assistance fraud. But much of the discussion during a recent committee meeting focused on a provision that requires Florida hospitals to install software that allows them to use biometrics and the state driver’s license database to check patient identification.

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Fracking the Everglades? Many Floridians Recoil as House Approves Bill

February 4, 2016News ClipFor the third year in a row, a bill to allow the controversial practice passes the state house, while many communities vote to ban it.

South Florida, home to one of the country's most fragile water systems, could be the nation's next fracking frontier.

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Florida House approves bill to authorize, regulate fracking

January 27, 2016News Clip


After rejecting efforts to require the oil and gas industry to disclose carcinogens and monitor the effects of fracking on pregnant women and drinking water, the Florida House on Wednesday passed a bill to open the door to the high-pressure drilling technique.

The measure, HB 191, allows the state to regulate and authorize the pumping of large volumes of water, sand and chemicals into the ground using high pressure to recover oil and gas deposits. It passed by a 73-45 vote with seven Republicans joining Democrats to oppose the measure.

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House Members Denounce Bill That Would Allow Fracking in Florida, Keep Toxic Fracking Chemicals a ‘Trade Secret’ and Prohibit Localities from Banning Fracking

January 26, 2016News Clip

A Pennsylvanian with poisoned drinking water from fracking warns that Florida is next if the bill passes, and issues a challenge to Representatives who vote for the bill to drink fracked water.

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